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An interactive visualization of the show's winnings.


Tufte-inspired plots in Python.

Location History

A dynamic hexbin map using D3 and Leaflet.

Analyzing Traffic Data

Accessing San Francisco open data, via DataSF.


April 5, 2016
Interpreting Logistic Regression Coefficients

November 8, 2015
General Linear Models

October 7, 2015
Using Markdown and LaTeX

October 2, 2015
Setting Up Your Python Environment


Juan Shishido
  • Juan Shishido
  • Twitter

As a Partner Engineer for the Ads API, Juan focuses on the developer experience. This includes helping partners understand and integrate API endpoints, contributing to Twitter's SDKs, and ensuring API interfaces are consistent and predictable.

He is motivated by the belief that anyone can learn to code and use data to make better decisions. While a graduate student at the School of Information, Juan supported Python workshop development and instruction at the D-Lab. He is a Python user and is actively learning Scala.