Senior Product Manager, Twitter

San Francisco, CA — 2021-2023

Ads API Product Lead

Experience building and scaling a $1B+ product with 100K+ accounts and 1K+ developers
  • Accelerated development speed by ~50%
  • Prevented video publisher churn and revenue loss ($25M+)
  • Increased adoption and retention by:
    • connecting developer needs to advertiser outcomes
    • expanding to new product areas
    • making developer experience improvements
    • streamlining onboarding
  • Elevated the position and perception of the API across the revenue org

Senior Partner Engineer, Twitter

San Francisco, CA — 2019-2021

Ads API Tech Lead
  • Led effort to enable customers to get their analytics data ~75-90% faster
    • Faster customer onboarding
    • Quicker decision-making
  • Led user research for many products to understand needs and define requirements
  • Increased team efficiency by
    • Improving versioning and release processes
    • Establishing a prioritization framework
  • Identified and mitigated launch risks, aligning internal stakeholders

Partner Engineer II, Twitter

San Francisco, CA — 2017-2019
  • Built an interactive data visualization that improved time-to-insight by ~80%
    • Defined needs and requirements for multiple personas
    • Designed schemas and UI prototypes
  • Established developer communication and feedback process
  • Led the design of a composable, component-based creatives API

Partner Engineer I, Twitter

San Francisco, CA — 2016-2017
  • Improved support request tracking with Jira integrations
  • Made improvements and added features to Twitter's SDKs
  • Provided expert API integration support to 100s of developers


University of California, Berkeley

School of Information
Master of Information Management and Systems, 2016

College of Natural Resources
Bachelor of Science, Environmental Economics and Policy, 2009